The Dam Weather

Current Date: 08/31/13

Forecast for 12 Hours from 8:33pm ---- Mostly cloudy and cooler. Precipitation possible within 12 hours, possibly heavy at times. Windy.
Current Weather at Millinocket Lake Dam, T1R8, Maine

Today's Highs/Lows

Temperature at 8:33pm
High Temperature

Low Temperature

73.1F   at   4:01pm

60.7F   at    4:05am

Heat Index1
69.0F High Heat Index 75.0F  at 4:00pm
THW Index2
High Humidity

Low Humidity

100%    at   5:58am

78%   at   4:03pm

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

68.0F   at   4:29pm

60.0F  at   3:59am

Current Wind Speed
Avg Wind Last 2 Minutes
Avg Wind Last 5 Minutes
Avg Wind Last 10 Minutes
SSW at 0.0 mph
0.0 mph
0.0 mph
0.0 mph
High Wind Speed
High Wind Last 2 Minutes
High Wind Last 5 Minutes
High Wind Last 10 Minutes
8.0mph   at   3:45pm
Current Wind Chill  67.3F Low Wind Chill 61.0 at   2:12am
Barometer 29.755 in & Steady
High Barometer

Low Barometer

29.794 in   at   9:53am

29.698 in  at   3:27am

Today's Rain
0.07 in
High Rain Rate 0.06 in/hr   at   1:58am
Rain Rate
0.00 in/hr
Low Wind Chill 61.0F   at   2:12am
Storm Total
0.07 in
High Heat Index 75.0F   at   4:00pm
Monthly Rain
4.62 in
NOTE 1:  Wind speed is low due to poor location of sensor.
Yearly Rain
23.45 in
NOTE 2: Weather is updated intermittently at this location due to the use of a cell phone modem for data transfer from a remote location.
1. Heat Index - This index is an accurate measure of how hot it feels (in degrees) when moisture (relative humidity) is added to the actual air temperature.

2. THW , Temperature, Humidity, Wind Index - The THW Index uses humidity, temperature and wind to calculate an apparent temperature.

3.  Apparent Temperature - A measure of human discomfort due to atmospheric conditions.

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