Favorite Recipes of
(Richards) Getchell

Everyone loved Grammy's cooking!  I scanned the following in .jpg format so all can see her penmanship and style.  Some of the recipes were missing, some had a different name in the Index than on the recipe title itself, so bare with me.  If anyone see's any mistakes, please let me know and I'll fix them ASAP.  If anyone knows the origin of any of the recipes (names, etc.), please let me know.  Also let me know the names of "great grandmother", etc. if possible.  Lineage would be great if you happen to know.  Thanks and enjoy!  Any comments can be emailed to me with the recipe name so it can be added to the comments section.  It'll be nice to read any tidbits of information and/or your favorites!  If you have any of Grammy's recipes that you'd like to submit, please email me.


NOTE:  If recipe pictures are too large for your printer settings, try reducing the size of the recipe using your photo editing programs, or even MS Paint.
Front Cover, Inside Front Cover, Back Cover  
Index Pg. 1Index Pg. 2  
  1.  Bread and Butter Pickles   (Missing Page)  
  2.  Cold Mustard Pickles   (Missing Page)  
  3.  Sweet Green Tomato Pickles  
  4.  Dill Pickles (other Book no. 2)  
  5.  Sweet Junked   (Missing Page)  
  6.  Cider Mince Meat   (Missing Page)  
  7.  Harvard Beets  
  8.  Peanut Butter Pudding (Recipe says:  Peanut Brittle Pudding)  

  9.  Chocolate Fudge (CONTINUED:  SEE BELOW)

10.  Chocolate Fudge  (CONTINUED FROM ABOVE)  
11.  55 Min rolls VERY memorable for Lori-Ann
12.  Sugar & Chocolate Doughnuts Loved to watch her make these...and help cut, too! (Lori-Ann)
13.  Chocolate Cake  
14.  Aunt Gladys Sargent Sugar Cookies  
15.  Winnie Mc's Can't Fail Pie Crust Only pie crust recipe I use (Lori-Ann)
16.  Soft Molasses Cookies Early childhood memory (Lori-Ann)
17.  Apple Sauce Spice Cake  
17.  Gladys Willetts Rice Casserole (2nd Recipe on page)  
18.  Chocolate Cocoanut Cookies  
19.  Mustard Paste Pickles VERY memorable for Lori-Ann.
20.  Herheys Disappearing Cake  
21.  Banana Delight Pie  
22.  Pineapple Bread Pudding  CONTINUED  
23.  Pineapple Upside Down Cake  CONTINUED  
24.  Rice Pudding with Lemon Sauce  CONTINUED  
25.  Creamy Rice Pudding  CONTINUED  
26.  Molasses Cake  
27.  Whoopie Pies BEST recipe ever!  I use powdered sugar VS granulated. (Lori-Ann)
28.  Great Grammys Grape nut Custard (Recipe says: Great Grammy's Grape-nut Pudding)  
29.  Onion Ring Batter  
29.  Edna's Peanut butter Cake (2nd recipe on page)  
30.  Sour Milk Molasses Doughnuts  
31.  Carrot Pie  
32.  Bordeau Sauce or Piccadilli  
33.  Cherry Nut Cake  
34.  Phyllis G's. Stuffed Cabbage  CONTINUED Love the recipe!  (Lori-Ann)
35.  Cauliflower Pickles  
36.  Grandmothers Sour Sauce (Recipe says:  Grandmother's Sauce)  
37.  Aunt Lillian's Sponge Cake  
37.  One Egg Sponge Cake  
38.  Dill Beans  
39.  Nut Fudge - (Iris)  
40.  Iris Tomatoes Spice Doughnuts  
41.  Fruit Muffins  
42.  Berrie Dumplins  
43.  Sour Milk Molasses Doughnuts (Recipe says:  Butter Milk Molasses Doughnuts)  
44.  Butter Milk Molasses Doughnuts  


Front Cover,  Index Pg. 1Index Pg. 2  
Drop Sugar Cookies  
Tillies Crisp Molasses Cookies 1700's Recipe's  (CONTINUED)  
Raised Doughnuts  
Elephant Ear Cookies Made this recipe a lot as a teenager.  (Lori-Ann)
Potato Yeast  
Pumper Nickle   (CONTINUED), (CONTINUED)  
Bread & Butter Pickles  
Potato Yeast Starter  

Sour Cream Cucumber Salad   (CONTINUED)

Sweet Junked Pickles  
Cider Mince Meat  
Dill String Beans  
Dilly Beans  
Vegetable Pickles  
Green Tomato Dill Pickles  
Sweet Sour Pickles  
Sweet Pickles   (CONTINUED)  
Sweet Pickled Carrots   
Water Melon Pickles - NOTE:  Bottom right corner under folded, says "5".

  VERY memorable as a child!  (Lori-Ann)

Cucumber & Onion Pickles  
Spiced Ripe Cucumber Pickles  
"Dropped Pineapple Cookies"  
Oat Meal Cake  
Pumpkin Pie The only pumpkin pie I ever liked!  (Lori-Ann)
Creamy Cheese Pie  
Raised Doughnuts  
Cider Mince Meat  
Edna's Plain Puffy Omelet  (CONTINUED)  
Choke Cherry Wine  (CONTINUED)  
Pumpkin or Squash Bread Pudding  
Molasses Doughnuts  
Salmon Loaf  
Phyllis Stuffed Cabbage Roll  
Beef & Potato Roll  
Aunt Gladys Sargents Sugar Cookies  
Soft Molasses Cookies  
Three Bean Salad  

Main Dish Recipe Suggestion

Pork Chop and Apple Bake  
Mexican Beans and Franks  
Blender Soup Sensation:  Cauliflower Cheese Parfait  
Tuna Shortcake  
Tomato Cheese 'N Bacon Broil  
Hot Dog!  Potato Bake  
Blender Soup Sensation:  Cauliflower Cheese Parfait  
Saucy Peas  
Sloppy Joses  
Pot Roast  
Mexican Fricassee  
Glorified Chicken  
Spaghetti Sauce  
Creole Gumbo  
Broth Pick-Up  
Good Garnish Ideas