Dam Dictionary

Note:  Origins from Paul, Lori-Ann & Josh (*W) unless otherwise stated.
New words will be added to the top of the list.

Big People's Drink Any alcoholic beverage. (also see:  balaclava) *W
Triponable Anything at ground level that can cause tripping, therefore it's trip-on-able. *W
Lap-It When you do a Lap Dance (see Lap Dance below) *W
Hip Fart The noise your hip makes when it pops back into the socket! Florice Willey
Lap Dance What your paper plate does when your lap tries to hold it during the eating process! *W
Bedspread What one creates when they sprawl out on the bed leaving no room for the other. *W
Moguls Little, jumpy, hard bumps on snowmobile trails where sledders drastically increase speed, leaving snow sprayed and heaped in the trail!  They are annoying as hell to others who have to travel the the trail afterwards.   For those who don't snowmobile, imagine constantly traveling on those big speed bumps in a parking lot at 25-40 mph! (*see: fat jumpers) Kathy Thomas
Fat Jumpers Little, jumpy, hard bumps on snowmobile trails where sledders drastically increase speed, leaving snow sprayed and heaped in the trail!  They are annoying as hell to others who have to travel the the trail afterwards. For those who don't snowmobile, imagine constantly traveling on those big speed bumps in a parking lot at 25-40 mph! (*see: moguls) *W
Uppers Ice Fishing:  When you lower the bait to just under the ice. *W
Downers Ice Fishing:  When you lower the bait to the bottom. *W
Squeepee or Squeepy That last ditch attempt to squeeze out a little "pee" before a trip to town, etc, in hopes you won't have to "go" until you get back. *W
Strap-ons Bungee chords *W
Viking Those who take Vicodine *W
Kinky Fish The fish that are attracted to the vibrations of the snowmobile upon the ice. *W
Hopper-Hop What we do in the bathroom in the winter.  The Luggable-Loo is for going #1, and the composting toilet is used for going #2.   See dictionary for Hopper *W
Teletype What is known these days as "E-mail". Bob/Hope
Blurds When birds get blown around with the snow in wicked high winds, you see blurry birds. *W
Cordon-Blue The heating cord is on the face shield  of the blue snowmobile helmet, therefore, cordon-blue. *W
Sunspot Where the cat and Lori-Ann sit to feel the "warmth" of the winter sun. *W
Climatized When you are used to it being cold out. *W
Traumatized When it's REALLY cold out! *W
Hand-Warmer Name of a still warm dead squirrel.  When cold, it goes into a pot of water. *W
Guzinta This "goes into" that.  Also known as a, "Guzinta problem". Professor Frank Cardulla
Fishit 1.  What comes out of a fish when you clean them. 2.  What you do in a stream...fish it. *W
Fishy-Fit What you have when you pull up a lake chub thinking it was a big trout. *W
DOH!ment The moment you realized your previous thought was a "DOH!" *W
Teenage Stew A dish that you make out of teenagers who are causing way too many unnecessary problems while contributing nothing worthwhile to the household in return for their room, board, education, car, phone, computer, etc.  Kathy Thomas
Twister Name of a mourning dove that has a white bread twist-tie around her/her left leg. *W
Drive-By-Shooting What we do when friends come within picture shot while on the lake with our boats. *W
Caw A certain seagull that comes to our boat when we yell "Caw". *W
Double-Dipping When you fish with two poles at once. *W
Holy-Hannah! What is yelled when you catch a small fish, and want everyone to think you caught a big one. "Dam Dave"
Deep-Throat When a fish takes the hook, line and sinker deep in the throat. *W
Cling-Ons What you call little kids when they cling to you. *W
Green-Eye An underwater fluorescent green light used for night fishing. Josh
Go-Postal What we say when we need to make the !*&%^@# one hour round trip to the Post Office in Summer.  A good 30-45 minutes longer than that in winter. *W
Three-Way What happens when three fishing lines cast at the same time, in the same spot, then get tangled together, leaving the three fishermen thinking they have fish! *W
Bubbles What Ellie calls snow. Ellie

Dangling Participle

What I told Paul to watch for when he wears boxers (without snaps) around the house...."Dangling Parts-visible" *W
Lip-Stuff Lip moisturizers. *W
Lips Anything that goes on the lips.  "My tongue took my lips away." 
(Said after she licked chap stick off her lips.)

Name of the red squirrel with the tail hairs that stick straight up in the shape of a feather.

Allens-way A clever way to doing a complicated or cumbersome task. *W
M-wow What the cat (Gunky) says when Josh cleans his room! Gunky
Hangover When sleeping at the Gateway, we always wake up with a hangover.  (Feet hanging over the end of a double sized bed.) *W
Pagoda A stump/rock in the water showing the changing water levels with ringlets of ice. Bob Thomas
Interstate The Stacyville Road Jody & Dick Angotti

Millinocket Lake Mafia

People who think they can intimidate others into submission. *W
Silly Poop Poop that is shaped like a j Autumn (3 yrs)
Thal Name given to a short and stubby red squirrel.
(short for Thalidomide, a 1960s morning sickness medicine, resulting in stunted limbs of the offspring.) 


Baby X  

A temporary name for an unborn child. Lora-Jean
Pink Medicine What kids hope for at each doctors visit. (liquid Amoxicillin) *W
Wet Back Hill Hill on the Stacyville Road that is always wet with water seepage. *W
Sea Turtle Alanda's first thought when she saw a big snapping turtle while snorkeling. *Alanda

Millinocket Lake Piranha

Sunfish who snack on body parts. *W
Snorkeling Bear

A tree stump/root protruding from water.

Chippy Chipmunk *Kyle
Baklava *modified* 1.  Knit head sock with a single oval opening for eyes/nose area.
2.  Any alcoholic beverage ordered at a Bahhh.
Muchcuskluk When the cusk fishing is good. *W
A Stiffel A process of building using more nails than wood. *W
Nose Douche The process of cleaning out the sinuses using a bulb syringe, warm water and salt. Thea
Jumping-off-rock The pyramid shaped rock you jump off and into the water. Todd & Sandra
Plywood Palace When you have a "palace" with plywood siding. Brian M.
Perchin' White perch fishing. *W
Eelin' Eel fishing. *W
Home-home Our legal residence. *W
Target Practice When red squirrels steal the bird food! *W
Ami Shed built by the Amish. *W
Pauly Shed built by Paul. *W
Bob Hope A specific husband/wife in the cove. Todd & Sandra
Little House Cottage Todd & Sandra
Telephone Booth Out House *W
The Point The end point on the camp road where the road ends. *W
Dam Hill Hill going up from the dam. *W
Quimby A 6-letter swear word. *W
Four Corners The point where the Stacyville Road and Chip Lane Road meets. ?
Cuskasaurus Cusk fish that is larger than average size. Bruce (Katahdin General)
Coffee Burner The process in which green coffee beans are roasted. *W
"Peas" and Poops Name of Lori-Ann's garden. *W
Up Sandy Going trout fishing. *W
Up Mudd A nice secluded boat ride. *W
Off Eagle Location of ice shack. *W
Dolby Way out to town in the winter. *W
Goofy Way out to town in the summer. *W
I'm on. Statement to indicate being "online" or "connected" to the Internet. *W
Big Potty Composting Toilet *W
Little Potty Luggable-Loo (AKA Piss Pot) *W
Gunky Potty Litter Box *W
Gunky-Butt Name of our cat. *W